About Us

  • TasCor has established a corporate/support infrastructure in Tasmania which provides the farm managers with:
  1. market leading management assistance;
  2. training, coaching and mentoring;
  3. extensive operational modelling analytics;
  4. forecasting, budgeting; and
  5. cash flow management.
  • TasCor thereby possesses:
  1. significant experience, knowledge and contacts within the industry and Tasmanian community;
  2. extensive local product knowledge;
  3. the ability to source dairy farms with value add opportunities; and
  4. the ability to attract high performance farm managers.
  • TasCor is managed by an effective and experienced team lead by Basil Doonan who resides in Devonport, Tasmania.
  • TasCor head office is based in Devonport and provides the farm managers with back office support.
  • Basil Doonan ((B. Ag. Ec., Dip. Appl. Sc. (Hons), AIA):
  1. has over 25 years’ experience in farm business management, training and consultancy;
  2. has worked extensively in Australia and overseas in grazing industries with a focus on the dairy and beef sectors, primarily in the development and delivery of farmer training, agricultural business strategies and follow-up consulting;
  3. consults both nationally and internationally;
  4. specialises in pasture based grazing systems and the management thereof; and
  5. is involved in the day to day management of the farms.
  • Llewellyn Collett CA(SA):
  1. has 10 years’ experience in agriculture consulting and accounting;
  2. specialises in dairy farming in South Africa, with 40% of South Africa’s milk produced by his client base.

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If you would like to find out more about TasCor then please drop us a message and we will get right back to you.